Top DIY Picks: Back2School!

It's August, which means it's time for Back to school shopping! Here's our compilation of school themed DIYs for everything from School Supplies to School Lunches, doll sized!

~Doll Locker by American Girl Ideas -
~Science Lab Classroom by American Girl Ideas -
~Doll Desk by Busy Kids Happy Mom -

~No-Sew Backpack by American Girl Ideas -
~Backpack by The Real Thing with the Coake Family -
~Duct Tape Craft Bag by Doll It Up -
~Art Supplies Tote by Pixie Faire -

School Supplies:
~Pencil Pouch by American Girl Ideas -
~Clear Pencil Case by American Girl Ideas -
~School Binder by American Girl Ideas -
~School Folders by American Girl Ideas -
~School Glue -
~Glue Gun by American Girl Ideas -
~Glue Sticks by American Girl Ideas -
~Crayola Markers by American Girl Ideas -
~Art Supplies by American Girl Ideas -
~Science Fair Set by American Girl Ideas -
~Encyclopedia Set by American Girl Ideas -
~DIY School Supplies by SewCraftyAG (Backpack, Notebook, Memo Board, Folders) -
~Pencils by American Girl Fan -
~Wooden Ruler by Doll Diaries -
~Folder, ID, Calculator & Ruler by Doll Diaries -
~File Folders by Doll It Up -
~School Supplies by a Doll for All Seasons -

Doll-Sized Worksheets
~Teacher's Letter & Schedule by Doll Diaries -
~School Paper by Doll Diaries -
~School Project Idea by Doll It Up -
~Worksheets by Jinjia Mixed Goods -
~Astronomy Display & Science Book by Jinjia Mixed Goods -

To fill a doll reading log -
Printable Books by Jinjia Mixed Goods -
~Book "Covers" by American Girl Ideas -
~Harry Potter Book "Covers" by American Girl Ideas -•-printables/
~Encyclopedia by American Girl Ideas -
~Music books by Read Creations -

School Lunches
~School Lunch Tote by Doll Diaries -
~Granola Bars by American Girl Ideas -
~Goldfish Crackers by American Girl Ideas -
~Fruit Snacks by American Girl Ideas -
~Bottle of Water by American Girl Ideas -
~Kool-Aid By American Girl Ideas -•-printables/
~Water Bottle by American Girl Ideas -
~Uncrustables by American Girl Ideas -
~AG Lunch Set by American Girl Ideas -•-diy-version/
~Lunchables by American Girl Ideas -
~CheezIts by American Girl Ideas -
~Zebra Cakes by American Girl Ideas -
~Jell-o Pudding by American Girl Ideas -
~Fruit Roll Ups by American Girl Ideas -
~PB&J Sandwich by American Girl Ideas

Another update...

We've been a little behind lately! I'd planned for a 4th of July post, Friends Day, and plenty more!

I'm considering challenging myself to do a recap...
Basically one post for every holiday I've missed that I wanted to do, to catch up.

In the meantime, I'll also do some craft kit reviews.
I've gotten almost all the American Girl Doll Craft Kits except Doll Decades and Doll Fashion Studio (At least until a new one comes!)

I've been eyeing the Design-Your-Own feature on their website to create the Doll T-shirts... $14 isn't bad, right? (Not including shipping of course!) I've been playing around with it to decide which ones I like best. I think Ellie would adore a Blaire themed shirt (Pleasant View Farms... Bee Yourself... Dream It, Plan It, Do It... Beautiful Inside and Out all seem like ones she'd wear!) I'd do a nice pale pink, purple, or blue for fabric... (yellow for Bee Yourself though!)
Although matching Best Friends jersey style ones would be fun too... (Of course, I'd have to bedazzle Ellie's for her!)

The Sports theme has a couple they'd like too...

Maybe in the fall I'll consider it...

I plan on getting a sewing machine soon too, so some handmade clothes will be in the works for them soon! I saw some fabric that looked like something Blaire would go for. Ellie's favorite AG characters are Felicity, Tenney, Isabella, Grace and Blaire. Lily likes McKenna, Molly, Gabriela and Luciana.

(I found some Felicity clothing patterns I want to make for Ellie. The link to them was found here: under Pleasant Company. There's a couple others too I might make for fun.)

-The Human

Again... we're so late

We haven't posted for months, but still here!
Time to catch up!


Posing with our Easter baskets!

Another look at the baskets.

Ellie got a cheerleader megaphone and handmade pompoms, a unicorn banner, a sparkly purple rabbit, and a look-and-find Disney book; Lily got a foam finger, animal posters, a green dog bag clip, a animal book, a green hairtie and a Cruella DeVil statue. 

Coming soon:
Lily & Ellie celebrate Best Friends Day June 8th
June 9th is Donald Duck Day!
June 18th is Go Fishing Day!
June 19 is Garfield Day!
June 23 is Pink Day!
July 4th is the 4th of July!
July 5th is Hawaii Day
July 15th is I Love Horses Day!
July 17th is World Emoji Day!

Also, our German Shepherd officially has a name! And the name is...


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